Is Love Beauty Centric?

Love and beauty are two sides of the same coin. They are inseparable. One doesn’t exist without the other. What really attracts a lover to his beloved can be the beauty in the warm glow of her complexion or in the inner beauty of her nature. Time and again, psychologists across the world have conducted thorough research to find out the basis of human desires and emotions and each time the result has been the same, that is, love and nothing, but love is the basis of human life.

Love is the basic desire that fills human beings in all forms, right from the first to the last breath, but what is the fodder for love? Does it begin and end its growth on a beautiful face of the beloved? Everyone says that love is blind, but if love is really blind, then what is it that the lover actually sees and finds beautiful? Is love all about beauty? Is love beauty centric?

Ever since the appearance of human beings, love has been lingering in the air. Whether it is love at first sight or love that evolves gradually, love is always for a reason. It may be that special fragrance that emanates out of the mate or it may that particular vibration that sends shivers down the spine. Beauty has several manifestations and any one of them may be responsible for the eruption of love.

Many of us may argue that it is the external beauty that eventually sustains a relationship, but I beg to differ. I believe that internal beauty is more important. Although, exquisite looks may captivate the attention of the opposite sex, but what really counts is the inner beauty. When we love someone, obviously, he or she becomes the most important and the most beautiful person for us, but beauty sans emotions is like an attractive plastic flower bereft fragrance.

There are countless examples in history where inner beauty has beaten the outer looks. Othello the legendary lover of fair Desdemona was an ugly man with thick lips, but it was the passion in his heart that attracted his beloved towards him. Odysseus was brave, but very ordinary to look at, and Penelope, his beloved, spent a lifetime weaving at the loom while waiting for her lover. Whereas it is easy to fall in love with a beautiful person, it is ultimately, the inner beauty that sustains a relationship!

Source by Anubha Shyam

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